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Good News Story for Past GoGetta Clients

There are still a number of clients who retain GoGetta Contracts and you need to ACT NOW. GoGetta catered for small and medium sized businesses who often could not obtain equipment finance through banks or mainstream financiers with ease. Customers got a quick and...

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Stay on top of unpaid invoices

With so many distractions over the festive season, it can be easy for your customers to slip behind on payments. So, to avoid any additional cash flow strain – there may be some things you can do to help. ARTICLE: How to deal with unpaid invoices at EOY From sending...

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Disclosure of Business Tax Debts

Death and taxes ... you know what the deal is. You can’t avoid either of them. The Federal Government plans to allow the ATO to disclose business tax debts to credit reporting bureaus. This could spell the end of businesses using the Tax Office as an unofficial...

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