Protect your dreams

Driving can be dangerous, even if you are a safe driver…..there are others on the road that do not have the same driving skills as you.

We offer a comprehensive range of competitive insurance products for all types of vehicles and boats, to ensure that your dream is protected and you have peace of mind your comprehensive insurance policy will protect you against injury or damage.

Our wide range of insurance products are delivered with superior personal service to ensure the product is right for you.

Insurance Products are listed below:


Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance is usually required when you finance the purchase of your car, boat, bike, camper or caravan, as it is a requirement of lenders, part of the loan contract,  when the purchase is being used as security.

For any loan you can arrange comprehensive insurance from the insurer of your choice, or ask us and we can arrange a quote.

Comprehensive Insurance provides benefits to yourself, your family and 3rd parties by protecting the value of your vehicle and protecting yourself in accidents, including those with 3rd parties.

Each insurer will have their own Product Disclosure Statement for their product which will detail what is covered, benefits, level of covers and any exclusions that may apply.

Some benefits that you may wish to consider whether they are important to you are:-

  • New for old replacement
  • Agreed or Market Value
  • Choice of Repairer
  • Pay by the month option
  • Hire Car for accidents or theft
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Multipolicy discounts
  • Excess Options
  • Emergency Assistance

Comprehensive Insurance can be easily financed into most loans, so you dont have to outlay further money when purchasing your dream.

With a lot of options in the marketplace, it is important to decide on a policy that provides value not only in your insurance premium, but in the range of added benefits that come with a flexible policy.

Loan Protection Insurance

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) protects the borrower in the event of accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment, or death.

If the borrower is unable to work due to an accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment, the Loan Protection Insurance will cover the loan repayments for a stated period of time or until they can return to work.

In the event of death, the loan is repaid in full.

Loan Protection Insurance or CCI can be easily financed into most loans.

Gap Cover Insurance

Gap insurance provides peace of mind by protecting you and your vehicle from certain losses in the future.

This insurance protects the borrower by paying the shortfall amount to the lender, if in the event the borrower has a total loss due to accident, theft or damage, and the amount from the comprehensive insurance is not sufficient to clear the loan in full.

There may be a gap because the borrower borrows more than the vehicles market value, possibly becuase they have included registration costs, stamp duty, dealer delivery and insurances in the loan, and the value of the vehicle falls relatively faster than the principal balance of the loan in the first half of the loan term.

This insurance can only be purchased at the time of a new loan when the vehicle is being purchased and is comprehensively insured.

Gap Insurance can be easily financed into most loans.

Warranty Insurance

This type of insurance is mainly purchased to minimise the cost of replacing or repairing motor vehicle in the event of faulty or damaged parts. There are conditions on when this product can be purchased and can be purchased for varying time frames.

In some cases, a warranty may be purchased prior to the expiry of the manufacturers extended warranty, so you maintain continual protection. Most warranties require the vehicle to be regularly serviced and maintained as required by the manufacturer.

The specific items and benefits covered by a vehicle warranty can vary dramatically, so it is important that the borrower reviews the policy wording carefully or seeks independent advice.

We can also arrange assistance for other types of insurance, to ensure all areas of your life are protected, via one of our Business Associates for:

  • Home and Contents
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Proetction
  • Business
  • Public Liability

We focus on all areas of your financial and personal life, to ensure that you can fulfil your dreams and secure and protect them.

To find out more, please contact us.