There are still a number of clients who retain GoGetta Contracts and you need to ACT NOW.

GoGetta catered for small and medium sized businesses who often could not obtain equipment finance through banks or mainstream financiers with ease. Customers got a quick and easy approval process. Established by Silver Chef, a hospitality financier, GoGetta financed vehicles, industrial and fitness equipment via a one-year rental agreements. After the initial period customers could purchase with a rental rebate (known as “Rent-Try-Buy” or rent-to-buy), or roll the contract into a lease agreement. They required no additional security and or director’s guarantees.

GoGetta is now closed for any new business

Early in 2018 Silver Chef management decided to close the GoGetta business and to exit all their customer contracts.

If you have a current GoGetta finance agreement you may not get the customer support, or financial support you expect, or need.  If you have finance with GoGetta, we strongly suggest you get in touch with us to discuss your options for refinancing your GoGetta contract.

GoGetta Refinance

As GoGetta made it easier to obtain finance initially, some banks and financiers will not refinance their contracts. Hence this process is not as simple as it should be. However, we have recently assisted a number of GoGetta customers to refinance their equipment or vehicles with some of our other trusted financiers.

Start Fresh Finance has over 40 lenders we can access finance from and thus can assist most clients.

We have recently helped a number of clients to reduce their weekly commitment and own their vehicle or equipment sooner.

Example 1

Client had a container for a coffee shop and took out a GoGetta Contract in June 2017 and was paying about $327pw and we managed to refinance and reduce weekly payments over a 2 year term to $122pw or 1 year $218pw. Clients now also have the ability to repay early or pay extra with no penalty.

Example 2

Customer A was paying just under $800 per week to GoGetta (around $3,500 per month) and had been paying this amount for 18 months. We assisted the customer to refinance their GoGetta contract with one of our banks on a streamlined policy. No financials, property backing or deposit was required. Approval was based on their good payment history. They are now paying under $500 per week (around $2,000 per month) and will own the vehicle outright in 18 months

As you can imagine both these clients were very happy and enables them to us the savings for other equipment, stock or in day to day operations

As your trusted finance broker we take the time to understand YOUR business, your GOALS and any upcoming changes in your business or industry, and find the RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU.

If you would like us to assess finance options for you give Jan a call on 0468371449 or complete Customer Profile and we will call you to discuss.

We also offer at this time of year a lot of short term finance via short term facility of overdraft which eases the pressure over the Christmas and holiday season.