Finance FAQ

How does “Gap Cover Insurance” Work?

If your vehicle is stolen or written off, there maybe a shortfall between the difference on the amount you must pay the finance company, and the amount that will be paid by your comprehensive motor insurer. This shortfall can be in the thousands of dollars.

Gap Cover steps in and provides three things for you:

  • Pays out the shortfall to the finance company.
  • Helps you by providing funds towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.
  • Some transfer costs paid for you.

Before you apply, please have the following details ready:-

Personal Use

  • Your Drivers, Boat or Motor Bike Licence
  • 3 years Residential history
  • Your Financial Details – income and outgoings (rent or mortgage repayments, other loans, and credit cards)
  • Details of your current and previous credit/loans
  • Details of any no claim bonus history for Comprehensive Insurance (number of years, accidents etc)


  • Your Drivers, Boat or Motor Vehcile Licence
  • Details of the entity that will borrow – ABN, Date of Incorporation, Registered Address
  • Your Financial Details – Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Tax Returns, BAS Returns
  • Details of current and previous Credit
  • Accountant Details – name of firm, contact person and phone number

What Equipment can be Financed?

We can assist with financing the following piece of equipment:

  • Servers and IT storage
  • Multi function systems
  • Forklifts
  • Security systems
  • Printing equipment
  • Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Catering equipment
  • Compressors

The list is endless just contact us and ask if we can finance your equipment

Who can get a Truck Loan?

An individual, company or partnership usually won’t have the cash reserves to purchase an asset as large as a truck outright. Most would want a 100% lend or put a small deposit towards the purchase.

Trucks are more commonly used for 100% business purposes, there are large tax benefits in getting a truck loan rather than paying cash outright.

As with all other types of business finance, you should thoroughly investigate the taxation and accounting implications with your Accountant.

Who can qualify for finance on equipment?

Any individual/sole-trader, partnership, trust or company can apply for a range of finance products on various pieces of equipment. We offer options to suit every situation.

What services do you offer?

Our Accredited Consultants are dedicated to assisting you  in Financing Your Dreams and can consult you on the range of products and services listed below.

Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance and Personal Lending

  • Cars, Boats, Trucks, Bikes, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Jet Skis
  • Hire Purchase/ Chattel Mortgage/ Equipment Finance / Vehicle Finance/ Secured Car Loan
  • Equipment and vehicle finance for business and personal use.
  • Personal Loans -Secured, Partly Secured or Unsecured


  • Insurance for Motor Vehicles, Trucks, Bikes, Boats

We personally specialise in financing our customer’s dreams, however we work with a team of professionals and trusted business associates who can provide a consultation with a financial adviser to overview their financial situation as a whole.

Other Lending

Home Loans

  • First home buyers
  • Subsequent home buyers
  • Investors
  • Restructure, refinance or debt consolidation
  • Commercial Lending- All businesses are unique. A firm understanding of business structure and motivation is required. We deal with all types of commercial scenarios from running a small business to multi dwelling developments.
  • Low document lending
  • Self-employed
  • Non-standard loans including ‘less-than-perfect’ credit history

Other insurance

  • home and contents insurance
  • business Insurance
  • public liability
  • income / mortgage protection
  • life insurance
  • total and permanent disability

Financial Planning