Mini Overview of Excavating and Earth Moving Equipment

The great thing about earth moving is that no matter how big or small the job, there’s a piece of equipment out there tailored specifically for it. When deciding which brand and model will be best for the job at hand, it may be tempting to simply buy or hire the biggest and best piece of machinery you can, assuming it’ll be able to every job you throw at it.

But this might not be the best strategy! It’s not always necessary to pull out the big guns for every task when there are often smaller, more economical and more efficient options at your disposal.

The economies of running smaller equipment make it an attractive option when the job allows. They’re also great options for smaller operators who can only afford to rent larger equipment – smaller versions can be bought outright for a much more reasonable amount. Mini excavators are brilliant alternatives to larger machinery, and you might be surprised by just how versatile they really are. Perfect for ground preparation, transfer of materials and excavation, mini excavators are more economical, can be stored more easily and used by a wider range of operators. Consider the different types of mini excavators out there and which might be right for you.

S70 Bobcat

A small and efficient little loader, the S70 has become almost synonymous with the company that makes it. The S70 and other machines are ideal for when space is at a premium.


Dingo have made a name for themselves in the mini earthmoving industry. These Australian machines are ultra maneuverable and super economical to run. They’ve got great versatility to boot.

Mini Excavator

All the functionality of a full sized excavator in a fun sized package, miniature versions can get where their bigger counterparts simply can’t. Don’t forget their lower operating costs, greatly reduced weight, simple transportation and easier operation.

Source: Tuff Stuff earthmoving equipment and undercarriage parts specialists.

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