December/January period can bring a lot of challenges to businesses cash flow. Some businesses are preparing for the busiest time of the year and would like to make the most of it with a bit more working capital, the others need a cash buffer to get through the quiet holiday period.

We have great solutions to assist your business to go through this period without losing too much sleep. 

Business Overdraft

– No set up fees, only $395 annual fee

– You can manage the facility easily through an online portal

– Only pay interest on the used balance

– No penalties for extra repayments

– Any repayments are immediately available to redraw without reassessment

– 5 years facility

– Interest rates from 14.95% to 24.93%

– Weekly or monthly repayments

– Facilities from $10,000 to $500,000

– 24 hours from submission to set up

Case Study

The client has a Business Overdraft facility for $50,000 and needs to use $20,000 for 2 months in the period from Christmas to the end of school holidays.

Once the drawdown for $20,000 is completed the client will be making monthly repayments of $1,066.73, under this scenario the client cash flow picks up after two months and they clear the outstanding balance of $18,648.01 after the 2nd repayment. 

In this period the client has only paid us $816 of interest assuming our most expensive pricing and has no more repayments to make, The client can easily draw on the facility through our online portal again when there is a need to do so. 

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