Cash flow has the potential to keep small business owners awake at night.

Do you know what cash flow lending is?

But for Australian small businesses going through a tough spot or seasonal
downturn, there’s plenty of help at hand.

Cash flow lending usually comes in the form of a short-term, low-doc loan
that small business owners might use for any business purpose. This can
mean covering a temporary shortfall for paying wages, investing in new
equipment or realising a business opportunity that’s too good to miss

Cash flow lending Pros:

  • Faster applications and less paperwork than traditional loans
  • Repayments structured to be cash flow friendly.
  • Transparent on total amount to be repaid.
  • Diversify your client portfolio and create a long-term revenue

Traditional business loans rely on securing the loan with an asset. If a
business owner puts up a vehicle or their family home as security, that
asset can be at risk. Cash flow lending takes a new approach –the ‘health’
of the business is used to assess loan applications and often loans of
lower amounts, say under $100,000, don’t need to be secured by an asset

There are as many reasons to boost cash flow as there are small businesses.
Here are some reasons why you may need cash flow lending.

  • Opportunity to buy stock at a reduced price (a competitor closes
  • Meeting demand with new equipment or skills (a new coffee machine
    to keep up with the morning rush).
  • Expanding to add value for existing clients with a new product or
    service (buying a ute to add landscaping to a lawn maintenance
  • Matching funds provided through a small business grant program
    (paying half the costs to establish a new digital marketing strategy).
    Investing in additional staff for big events (getting funds to hire extra
    employees when catering a large wedding).
  • Expanding into new markets (opening a store in a new suburb with
    high demand for services, or jumping into e-commerce).
  • Investing in a campaign to boost revenue (a local plumbing business
    working with a search engine marketing specialist to be found
  • Upfront rent for a new retail space (a shopping centre pop-up stall
    for Valentine’s Day gifts)

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