1. Businesses that are expanding: growing pains can place massive pressure on business cash flow
  2. Freeing up the family home: business requires more funds than available equity
  3. Slow paying debtors: clients can sometimes take advantage of a good working relationship and draw out payments
  4. Turning away new business: maxed out buying power
  5. Outgrowing existing facilities: unable to increase funding lines
  6. Dipping into personal funds: a reliance on personal funding to support the business can be unsustainable
  7. Unable to meet commitments: falling behind with the ATO and into arrears with payroll and super
  8. Succession: business transitions into the hands of new management which incurs additional costs
  9. Turnaround: business owners that need time to recover from poor trading performance

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Why Choose Invoice Financing?

  1. Speed: it’s quicker and isn’t as involved as a long-term loan. In many cases, you can gain access to funding within a day, and the paperwork is fairly minimal when compared to most other types of loans.
  2. No reliance on property: you don’t have to put up real estate like your home or commercial property as collateral. With this arrangement, your outstanding invoices act as collateral and are all you need to obtain funding.
  3. Supports growth: Slow or late paying clients can put a serious strain on your cash flow and make it difficult for SMEs to take the next step. But with invoice financing, you’re not stuck waiting for invoices to be paid, and you can stay on the offensive and capitalise on growth opportunities.

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