Holiday Planning and savings tips

89. Have travel insurance. It won’t save you money upfront, but could potentially save you heaps down the track!

90. Sign up for alerts for cheap airfares & cruises

91. When flying, see if you can manage with just hand luggage, or one suitcase between you to make the fare cheaper.

92. When possible, try to travel off-peak.

93. When booking accommodation, book a place with a self-contained kitchen to save a lot of food-related money.

94. Do house swaps as a fun alternative…..could even be international house swap. It’s free! You can even swap cars with the other party.

95. If possible, try to schedule a work-related conference as part of your trip. This way your employer could pay for part of your travel expenses or they could be tax deductible. Check with your Accountant. Plan your vacation during off peak season and if you can, travel during non-school holidays to maximise on travel packages. Shop around and always be on the look out for promotions, sales and travel packages.

96. When you go on holidays, go around the house and switch off all the electrical equipment you don’t need on while you’re away, if possible empty the fridge out and turn it off.

Make More Money

97. As mentioned earlier sell unwanted good on EBay or a garage sale. Spring clean your home – One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

98. Be more assertive in your performance reviews! Ask or a pay rise.

99. Save, Save, Save

Unless you are going to ask your boss for a pay increase you are going to have to work out how you can save money – cut something out of your regular spending routine.

You don’t need to stop living and going out, often the small savings start to add up eg  reducing the number of coffees, can actually save you a substantial amount each week. Or if you really need those coffees, how about a “Coffee Free Day”

Need Assistance – Ask for Help

100. Never hesitate to get help. If you are in financial strife or cannot see how you can reduce costs, take advantage of the free financial counselling service available.

Overall we all need to make a decision to cut costs. The right attitude is half the battle! Set a budget.

Select the tips that apply to you and use them in your life going forward– you’ll quickly find yourself saving some serious cash and some of these tips can improve not only your financial health but also your health and well being.

As you incorporate more and more of these tips into your life, the savings add up and it wouldn’t surprise me if you could save thousands over the course of a year…..and have that dream holiday.

Written By Jan Watman, Start Fresh Finance

In 2013 Jan Watman took her finance experience and founded Start Fresh Finance. She leveraged her 20+ years finance experience to assist individuals and businesses to finance their dreams, whether a new car, boat or dream holiday or for a business a truck, earth moving or other business equipment to grow or expand their business.

Jan is a respected Australian business person, which was acknowledged as being one of the final 5 finalists in the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Awards for QLD Corporate sector in 2011.

Jan’s track record and experience makes her a sort after mentor and coach within the finance and sales environment. Her passion to help her clients shines through in all her dealings with them.

Start Fresh Finance is an Australian owned Finance Broking business that educates their clients on finance and sources the best loan for them to achieve their goals. Whether this be an individual or a business, Jan understands both, what the client needs and also what the finance company requires, thus making the loan process seamless, quick and simple.

Jan Watman – Director/Owner – Start Fresh Finance




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