It was only a few years ago when e-mailing took the reign as the leader in digital marketing. However, as the channels of communication change over time, mobile marketing is slowly becoming the most effective and quick way to communicate with consumers, therefore it’s imperative that all businesses have a mobile marketing strategy in place. Here are three reasons why.

Direct Marketing

Business’s who incorporate mobile marketing into their strategy have the ability to connect with their customers/consumers at a much quicker rate than traditional mediums. Software programs such as Message Net and Impact Data allow business’ to send text messages (SMS’s) to notify them of key dates, updates or reminders thus, creating a better customer service experience.

Tapping into new markets

According to a recent study, more than 82% of Gen Y and Z now use mobile as their device of choice when searching for information about a company’s products and services. Utilising mobile marketing allows businesses to target their message and reach audiences that were once considered untouchable. This in-turn, allows opportunity for new growth and sales, with very little budgetary spend. Social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow business’s to engage in open communication with key customers. Applications for these social media outlets are all accessible from most mobiles and are key communication tools when trying to engage customers of today’s generation.

Tailored Marketing                                                                              

It creates the ability to have tailored targeting tools to identify users, behaviors and interests allowing businesses to connect with people who are interested in their products and services, which in-turn develops more interest and more sales.

As consumers’ appetite for information at their fingertips continues to grow, mobile marketing will become more and more crucial to businesses wanting to get to these customers first. This could be a great competitive advantage your business can have over your competitors.

Reference: Marrs M, 2013, What is Mobile Marketing and Why Does it Matter? (So So Much!), The WordStream Blog –, accessed on 15/12/2014.

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